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In order to become a Notary Public in Louisiana, a person must obtain an appointment from the District Court in the Parish in which the person resides. After this initial appointment, Notaries are free to pursue a Notary Appointment from the District Court in any Parish in the State. In order to get this appointment if you are not a licensed attorney, you are required to pass the Notary Examination. This is where DONALDSON and our staff of practicing Notaries will make learning the material you need to know to pass the Notary Public Exam quick and easy, make sure you learn the right information and get your Notary appointment in as short a time period as possible.

DONALDSON offers the best courses available anywhere, period. We have been training professionals since 1974 and over 99% of our students say they would take courses from us again.

The Notary Course contains plenty of classroom time, practice tests, specialized scenario practice and assignments to complete by home study guided by your instructor. Our course is designed to give you the best chance of passing the notary exam the first time.

No matter how long it has been since you have been in the classroom, you can be assured DONALDSON Courses will be lively, fun, informative – and most important of all – right on target to make sure you achieve your goal – A Notary Public Commission.