Real Estate - License Prep Course - Metairie Campus

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This weekend power review is the best way to fine tune yourself and make sure you pass the license exam. We use diagnostic practice exams, lectures, quizzing, and a wide array of sample questions during the course to prepare you for success on test day. This course should be attended as soon as possible after completing your license course and just before taking the exam!

We are so confident you will pass after taking this course we will pay your retake fee if you take this course and fail the examination!*In addition, we will allow you to re-attend the course absolutely free!

The Real Estate License Exam Preparation Course is offered in our Metairie and Baton Rouge locations on an ongoing basis.

*Terms and conditions apply; please contact our Metairie office for questions. This is a review course and is not intended as a pre-license course for credit.

FIRST DAY (8:30am – 5:00pm)

 State Test

I. Diagnostic Pre-Test Analysis

II. Examination Strategies

A. Mental and Physical Preparation

B. Following Directions

C. Pacing

D. Analyzing Test Questions Correctly

E. Overall Exam Strategy

III. Review of State Test

A. Duties and Powers of the LREC

B. Licensing Requirements

C. Statutory Requirements Governing the Activities of Licensees

D. Louisiana Civil Law System

1. Property

2. Rights in Immovables

3. Ownership

4. Transfer of Ownership without a Broker

5. Obligations and Contracts

6. Sales

7. Privileges and Mortgages

8. Leases


E. Louisiana Law of Agency


IV. Hundreds of NEW Practice Questions (Some delivered in class some online)


SECOND DAY(8:30am – 5:00pm)


National Test


I. Diagnostic Pre-Test Analysis


II. Examination Strategies

1. Mental and Physical Preparation

2. Following Directions

3. Pacing

4. Analyzing Test Questions Correctly

5. Overall Exam Strategy


III. Review of National Test

1. Property Ownership

2. Land Use Controls and Regulations

3. Valuation and Market Analysis

4. Financing

5. Principles of Agency

6. Property Disclosures

7. Contracts

8. Leasing and Property Management

9. Transfer of Title

10. Practice of Real Estate

11. Real Estate Math Review


IV. Diagnostic Post Test Analysis

V. Hundreds of NEW Practice Questions

26 seats available.
Price: $125.00