Math Lab

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This is THE one-day workshop you will need to survive the math section of the state real estate exam. This intense classroom course will bring you one-on-one instruction with one of Donaldson's highly trained instructors in the study of real estate math. We understand that for some this part of the exam is a worry - so let us help you if you need it!


This course will cover in-depth:


 Strategies for Solving Word Problems

 Decimals and Fractions

 Percentages

 Commissions

 Calculating Interest

 Discount Points

 Calculating Profit

 NOI and Depreciation

 Loan Payments and Factors

 Proration

 Property Tax

 Transfer Tax

 Property Measurement


This course is perfect for online students, applicants who have been out of school for awhile, or any student who needs additional assistance in preparing for the math section of the real estate exam.

8 seats available.
Price: $55.00