Qualifier IIIx Real Estate Calculator

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Real Estate Math Approved! Use this calculator and help make real estate math easier!!

Pre-Qualify Buyers Quickly and Easily with the Most Versatile and Easy-To-Use Real Estate/Mortgage Calculator on the Market

Gain instant access to P&I, PITI and FHA payments, and complete buyer qualifying. Carry it with you on appointments with clients, and impress them with your financial expertise and instant answers. Give them the confidence to buy that home.


The Qualifier Plus IIIx instantly solves for:

  • Buyer qualifying for conventional, FHA/VA loans
  • Complete P&I and PITI payments, including FHA
  • Sales price, down payment and loan-to-value
  • Amortization and remaining balances
  • Rent vs. buy comparisons and estimated tax savings


*Note: Testing services may vary by state and have their own policies regarding personal materials such as calculators. Some testing services may not allow students to bring their own calculator to the exam center, while others do allow calculators such as this one. It is advised to check with your state's testing service if you intend to use this calculator at the testing center.

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