Notary Exam Prep Course

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The state notary exam is administered by the secretary of state not less than twice per year. Our notary exam prep courses are designed puposely to lead you in preparation right up to the next scheduled state exam!

In this course you will learn from our notary and legal experts about all aspects of the notary public exam. Topics of preparation include:

  • Critical and practical understanding of notarial law and practice
  • Study of certain notarial acts and related instruments
  • Guided instruction on the Fundamentals of Louisiana Notarial Law and Practice* - The Official Study Guide published by the Secretary of State
  • Multiple choice items based on scenarios
  • Study tips and other exam strategies to help you have the best chance to pass the exam



*Highly suggested for all attendees - not included

Notary applicants must be qualified by the Secretary of State's Office and, unless licensed to practice law in Louisiana, must complete the Notary Exam Pre-Assessment as well as take and pass the state notary exam. The pre-assessment is online and must be completed before an applicant can register for the state notary exam. The pre-assessment is mandatory, but only needs to be taken once. The state notary exam is given at least twice a year.

This is THE notary exam prep course used by exam applicants for decades. This all-new recorded virtual session will bring a live instructor and the live class experience to you - anywhere in the state!

Still need proper exam preparation before the next exam? Worried that you missed the start of the most current live session? THIS is the course option for you! 

Take the notary exam prep course online, on demand, and watch recordings of every session of the live class along with access to other resources available to our live/virtual class students. Enroll now, engage immediately, and give yourself the best chance to succeed on the Louisiana notary exam.

Note: If you choose this option you will NOT have live instructor meetings and current class recordings will be delayed approximately 7 days from class air date.

Price: $377.00